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Zoom recording capacity

FAQ's about Zoom audio and video recordings

Storage capacity for all IWU Zoom Cloud recordings

When an authorized IWU Zoom user clicks on, or schedules a cloud recording in a Zoom meeting, that recording is saved to a secure, online storage location.

What are cloud recordings?

Recordings include Video, Audio, Audio Transcription, and text files of the chat during the meeting. These are all separate files.

What are the benefits of this feature?

When you store your recordings in the cloud, they are available from any internet connected computer or mobile device that can log into your Zoom account.

When the recording has finished processing, you will be notified by email (if you opt in, through your Zoom settings) as soon as your recording is ready to be viewed and shared.

How big is the cloud storage?

IWU has 7.78 TB of space in which to store Zoom recordings. For context, 4 TB is the most that has been used since IWU started using Zoom.

How soon will we run out of space?

IWU Information Technology monitors recording space and will modify the policy for recording retention, or will purchase additional space for recordings.

Who is contributing to the use of this cloud storage?

IWU employees are able to record to the cloud.

IWU students are unable to record to the cloud, so they must record locally instead.

If your cloud recording was made more than 120 days ago, it has been automatically deleted, and is no longer contributing to the capacity of the cloud storage.

How can I help increase our cloud storage?

These practices will will increase the capacity of IWU's cloud storage:

  • Regular review of your Zoom meeting recordings, and deletion of any unneeded files.
  • Download your files to your computer, and upload them to MediaCentral for archive.
  • Stop or prevent automatic recording of meetings which do not need to be recorded.
  • When starting your meeting, choose screen sharing, rather than full-screen video camera, for a 90% smaller file size.

How can I delete Zoom meeting recordings?

This article provides step-by-step instructions for:

  • deleting recordings from the cloud
  • deleting recordings from your local computer
  • permanently deleting the selected recordings, by emptying the trash
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