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BAC 150 Lecture Hall


Beard Art Center Lecture Hall 150 is a large, tiered classroom used for general education courses. It is fully digital and high definition, with voice amplification.


This classroom provides a classroom PC, an Apple TV, BluRay player, Document Camera, and connecting cables for both VGA+audio and HDMI. A wireless lapel microphone provides sound reinforcement.


Please set your laptop resolution to 1920x1200 for optimal viewing. This is the projector's native resolution. Aspect Ratio is 16:10


The viewers in the back of the room are quite far from the screen. Use a larger size font, if possible, for presentations.

Ceiling lights are wired in banks, so the front bank, nearest the screen, can be turned off, for improved contrast, and perceived brightness of the projected image on the screen.

The projection screen is placed above, and does not obscure the dry erase board.

Room View


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