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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Communicate and Involve


Provides suggestions for how to communicate to and involve the university community in the BPR process.


Communicate the directive to conduct a BPR Project.

  1. What is BPR?  Share a high level overview of the process.
  2. Need for BPR:  What business reasons exist for conducting a BPR initiative.

Describe the involvement of employees in the BPR Project.

  1. Employees serve as Process Experts on existing business process
  2. Employees provide insights into possible steps for improving the existing process
  3. Provide expertise in the design of the new business process
  4. Provide expertise in the development of new business process measures
  5. Provide hands on expertise in the implementation of the new process    

Next Step

Read about Who Initiates BPR.

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