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BHSN Classrooms - A12

Burns Hall of Science and Nursing Classrooms 222 & 230

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 •     A - Short Throw Interactive Projector

            o    Mounted from Wall above Whiteboard

            o    Projects onto Whiteboard


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The teaching station will provide multiple sources which can be shown on the display:​

   •    Laptop – VGA and HDMI 

            o    Cable Cubby at rack location

            o    Wall Plates located under the whiteboard at the front of the room

   •    Desktop PC

   •    Blu-Ray Player

   •    Wireless Document Camera

   •    RCA jacks (on front of rack)

   •    USB jacks (in cable cubby)


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   •    Ceiling Speakers 

   •   Volume Control on Touch Panel


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   •    Connection for Adobe Connect Portable Cart System located in the rear of the room

   •    lnterfaced through a double-ganged wall plate on the opposite side of the room from the instructor.


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   •    7” Extron Touch Panel


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   •    Located in the cabinet, under Printing Station

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