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Laptop Connection Troubleshooting

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Laptop Troubleshooting

  1. Press the Laptop button on the Extron Media Link Controller or Touch Panel, located on the Teaching Station.

  2. Make sure that the laptop is turned on, and not in sleep mode.

  3. Which video cable is connected to the laptop? Are you using an adaptor or dongle within your connection? Try reconnecting the cable or adaptor to the laptop

    • VGA

    • HDMI

    • Adaptor + VGA/HDMI

  4. The video signal cable needs to be connected both to the laptop and to the top of the teaching station, or to the Audio and Video Signal Cable Connection.

  5. Enable the output function on the laptop:

    • In Windows 8, press the F4 key to see the various output options. Select the option that enables both laptop screen and external display.

    • In Windows 7 or XP, Hold down the Function Key and simultaneously press the Display Output function button, which varies by brand:

      • F4 button, on HP

      • F7 button, on Lenovo

      • F8 button, on a Dell

  6. The screen may blink once or twice. If you cannot see the image on your laptop screen but it is displaying on the projection screen, press the output function one more time to Mirror the output, so that it appears on both screens.

  7. Restart the computer WITH THE VIDEO CABLE CONNECTED to both the laptop and the teaching station.

  8. If you are using presentation software, like Power Point, verify that you have not pressed a shortcut key to hide your slide.

  9. If none of these steps resolves the issue, please contact the support center for assistance.

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