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How to Assess a Discussion Post


After completing this how-to you will the knowledge needed to assess a student's discussion post.    If there is a rubric attached to the activity, see the "How to Grade an Activity Using a Rubric" guide for information on the proper way to assess a student using a rubric.  For other guides on the Discussion tool, see the Discussions topic page.


1.  Select the "Activities" icon from the course navbar.


2.  From the "Activities" menu, select "Discussions".


3.  From the Discussion Forum, choose the discussion topic to be assessed.


4.  Choose the student's discussion post to assess by selecting the dropdown menu next to the title of the discussion post.


5.  From the dropdown menu, select "Assess Student".


6.  When the window opens, you will be able to view the student's post, leave feedback, and assign a topic score.  Once the assessment is complete, select the "Publish" button to make the score and feedback visible to the student or choose "Save Draft" to come back at a later date to assess the activity.  


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