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How to Create a Discussion Topic


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to create a discussion topic within the Discussion activity tool.  For other guides on the Discussion tool, see the Discussions topic page.


  1. To create a discussion in the Activities tool, select the "Activities" icon located within the course navbar.
  2. Select "Discussions" from the Activities dropdown menu.
  3.  Select the dropdown menu from within an existing discussion forum and choose "Add Topic".
  4. Enter the title of the topic in the "Topic Title" field.Topic Title: 1.1 Discussion: Sample Discussion
  5. By selecting the "Change Forum" link, a new forum can be created or the topic can be associated with a different forum.   Select "Apply Changes" when all changes have been made.Choose an existing forum: Workshop One Discussions
  6.  In the "Grade Out Of" field, enter the number of points the discussion is worth.Grade Out Of: 10 points
  7.  From the "In Grade Book" dropdown, the discussion can be linked to an existing grade item, can be marked as "not in the grade book", or reset to "ungraded".
  8. In the "Description" text box add the information that will link back to the instructions for the discussion. i.e. For detailed information, resources, and instructions, please review 1.1 Discussion: Sample Discussion.
  9. By expanding the "Availability Dates & Conditions" section, you can add start and end dates to the activity, add release conditions, and add group restrictions if groups exist.
  10. By expanding the Post & Completion section, you can select discussion guidelines for both students and posts.Post & Completion: selected Default particpation, unselected Allow learners to hide their name from other learners, unselcted Learners must start a thread before they can view or reply to other threads, unselected Post must be approved before they can display in the topic
  11.  By expanding the Evaluation & Feedback section, you can add a rubric, manage learning objectives, allow the evaluation of individual posts or allow learners to rate posts.
  12. To make the topic viewable by students, select the circle and ensure that it says "Visible".
  13. To save all changes, select the "Save and Close" or "Save" button.
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