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How to Grade an Activity Using a Rubric


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to grade an activity using a rubric.


1.  To ensure that the student is able to view the graded rubric, a criteria level must be selected in each criterion before a criterion score can be manually entered.

clipboard_ef005fc931d14b69c1f32a341bc838751.png2.  After a criteria level has been selected in each criterion, a manual criterion score can be entered. 


3.  Based on the levels chosen, an Overall Score will be automatically selected.  The Overall Score can be overidden by choosing a new Overall Score.


4.  Any written feedback that faculty wants to provide to the student can be entered into the "General Feedback" HTML editor.


5.  Once all criteria levels have been selected, criterion scores have been entered, and general feedback has been provided (if applicable), you may select the "Publish" button to make the feedback visible to the student or select "Save Draft" to save as a draft and publish at a later time.


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