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Module/Workshop View


After reviewing this how-to article you will understand the information displayed and linked within the module/workshop. For information on how to navigate to the Course Menu tool in Brightspace, please review the Course Menu: Overview article.


  • The title of the module/workshop you are currently viewing will be displayed at the top of the frame.
  • The Print button on the module/workshop page prints a screenshot of the list of topics within that module/workshop. The button does not print the information within the topics.
  • The Download button will download all of the topic files and other associated files within the module/workshop.
  • The items within a module/workshop are called Topics. Topic titles are linked to the area where detailed information and instructions can be obtained.
    • The file type for a topic is displayed below the name of the topic.
    • If the faculty has added a start, due, or end date to a topic, the date will appear below the file type.
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