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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Course - Navbar


After reviewing this guide you will have the ability to efficiently navigate through the course navbar. This guide includes the links contained within each of the menus and the destination for each of those links. Please note, all of the features listed in this guide may not be utilized within your course.



  • The name given to the navigation links for courses in Brightspace is termed the "course navbar."

Course Navbar - All.png


  • The Course Menu link navigates to the tool that provides access to all of the topics, instructions, resources and more for that specific course.

Course Navbar, Course Menu - All.PNG


  • The Help link provides contact information for the various support options available for Brightspace.

Course Navbar only, Help - All.PNG


  • If you need to close out of the pop-up box after opening one of the menus, select the "X" button to close out.

'X' to close menu - All.png

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Activities Menu

  • The Activities menu contains links to the four main activities utilized within courses.

Course Navbar, Activities - All.PNG


  • The Assignments link provides access to the area where you will submit an assignment.

Activities Menu, Assignments - All.PNG


  • The Discussions link navigates to the page where you can access the course's topics, make your own posts and review the posts of others.

Activities Menu, Discussions - All.PNG


  • The Quizzes link provides access to the quizzes required for each course. In this area you will be able to review and submit responses to the quiz questions.

Activities Menu, Quizzes - All.PNG


  • The Virtual Assignment link allows completion and submission of YouSeeU assignments.

Activities Menu, Virtual Assignment - All.PNG

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Communication Menu

  • The Communication menu contains links to the four main communication features utilized within courses.

Course Navbar, Communication - All.PNG


  • The Classlist link provides a list of all classmates and faculty for the course.

Communication Menu, Classlist - All.PNG


  • The Email link offers one of the options for sending an email directly from Brightspace. Please note, while emails can be sent from Brightspace, replies and other received emails are only accessible through your IWU email account via Outlook.

Communication Menu, Email - All.PNG


  • The Groups link navigates to your assigned groups as well as names of others within that group.

Communication Menu, Groups - All.PNG


  • The Zoom link navigates to a page where you can view the course's upcoming and past Zoom meetings, as well as join a Zoom meeting.

Communication Menu, Zoom - All.png

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Progress Menu

  • The Progress menu contains links to the four main progress features utilized within courses.

Course Navbar, Progress - All.PNG


  • The Awards link navigates to the page where you can access awards and certificated earned for the course.

Progress Menu, Awards - All.PNG


  • The Course Checklist link provides access to a checklist of course due dates for specific assignments.

Progress Menu, Course Checklist - All.PNG


  • The Course Progress link offers detailed information on the feedback you have received for activities throughout the course, as well as an overview of your progress throughout the course.

Progress Menu, Course Progress - All.png


  • The Grades link provides access to scores and feedback you have received for graded activities throughout the course.

Progress Menu, Grades - All.PNG

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Tools Menu

  • The Tools menu contains links to the tools that you can utilize within Brightspace.

Course Navbar, Tools - All.png


  • The Calendar tool provides due dates for topics in the course, if added by the faculty .

Tools Menu, Calendar - Students.PNG


  • The ePortfolio tool is a system level feature where you can upload and access course work submitted throughout all of your courses in Brightspace.

Tools Menu, ePortfolio - Students.PNG


  • The Locker tool is a feature that offers a place to store and share files for yourself or a group within Brightspace.

Tools Menu, Locker - Students.PNG


  • The Media Gallery tool allows you to upload and access videos from course to course within Brightspace.

Tools Menu, Media Gallery - Students.PNG