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Uploading a Teams Recording to Media Central

Uploading Teams Recordings into Media Central

You may have a meeting that was recorded in Teams that you want to save for a longer period of time. Or you might have recorded a video using Teams that you need to upload into Brightspace for a course. This How-To guide will help you upload your video from Teams into your Media Central. 

First Step

You will first need to download the video that was recorded. You can find instructions on how to do this at this article: How to Download a Teams Recording

Second Step

Once you have the recording from Teams downloaded, you will want to follow these instructions for Uploading Media to Media Central.

What's Next

Uploading videos to your Media Central will allow you to save your Teams recordings for longer than the normal 60 day period. You'll also be able to trim the recordings and make them easily shareable with links or through Brightspace.

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