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NGM classroom


NGM Classrooms 102, 104, 108 and 109


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These classrooms have a fully equipped teaching station, sound system, and one display.

 Ceiling Mounted Projector

Hitachi cp-wx3014wn projector.jpg

  • Projects image onto Manual Screen on the front wall of the room, which covers a portion of the whiteboard
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 (16:10 Aspect Ratio). This is the projector's native resolution.


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The teaching station provides multiple sources which can be shown on the projection screen:


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  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Volume control knob at the Teaching Station



  • Display On and Off buttons control the Projector's power state.
  • AV Mute causes the projector to emit a full screen black image. It does not turn off the projector.
  • Find further instructions here:  Standard Teaching Station Control


IMG_6222.jpg  teaching station  IMG_6221.jpg


The buttons

  • In the right column of buttons, press the button corresponding to the desired source. Source options include desktop PC, and LAPTOP (sometimes labeled HDMI).
  • Optional sources, found in some but not all classrooms, include BLURAY DVD player and AUX input.
  • If the selected source is powered on, it will appear on the preview monitor, on top of the teaching station.
  • To turn on the Projector (or TV), press the ON  button, located in the display section of the control panel. The selected source will appear on the projection screen (or TV)
  • Be sure to press the OFF button when you are through.
  • The Mute button will silence all audio.
  • The AV Mute, or Blank button, will silence the audio and cause the projector to show only a black image, without turning the projector off.

The volume knob

The VOLUME KNOB controls the volume of any selected source. The volume knob controls the sound being sent to the ceiling speakers throughout the classrooms. In some smaller classrooms, study rooms, or conference rooms, this volume knob controls the sound being sent to the flat panel display's internal speakers. The illuminated LEDs beside the knob are an approximate estimation of the volume level. Keep turning the knob RIGHT until it is loud enough, even if the LEDs are indicating RED. Keep turning the knob LEFT until it is quiet enough for the audience, no matter how many LEDs are illuminated. When changing sources, you may need to readjust the volume, since one source may have a different default volume level than another.

The Connections

  • The HDMI laptop cable can be plugged into the HDMI jack of a laptop. A video adapter may be required, to allow smaller portable devices to connect to the HDMI laptop cable. Press the HDMI (or Laptop) button to select the laptop or mobile device.

Near the control panel, a power outlet and network jack are provided for mobile devices.

  • Plug a power cable into the power outlet to charge your mobile device's battery.
  • Plug a network cable into the network jack, and into your mobile devices network jack, to connect to the internet with a fast, reliable network connection.

Click here for a printable version of these instructions

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