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Zoom Webinar Process


This page provides useful information for those who wish to plan or execute a virtual meeting or broadcast, using the Zoom Webinar tool.  This is not targeted to users of Zoom meetings, but there are principles and recommended practices that can apply to meetings as well as webinars.

Definition of a Zoom webinar

Think of webinars like a virtual lecture hall or auditorium. Webinars are ideal for large audiences or events that are open to the public. Typically, webinar attendees do not interact with one another. Though Zoom provides options for you to get more social with your attendees, your average webinar has one or a few people speaking to an audience. See this page for the differences between a Zoom webinar and a Zoom meeting.

Helpful Tools

Scheduling a Webinar

If you have scheduled a Zoom meeting, then scheduling a Zoom webinar is very similar.

If you have not scheduled a Zoom meeting before, then watch this video for a detailed step-by-step demonstration of scheduling a new webinar.

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