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Creating a Journal Category

Add a Journal Category in the Gradebook (Turned in Paper Submission)

1.  Click "Grades" on the Navbar.

2.  Select "Gradebook".

3.  Click on the "Manage Grades" tab.

4.  Click the bright blue "New" button.

5.  You can create a category called Journals and then place the individual journals in the category.  This will help keep it organized in the gradebook.

-  Select "Category".

-  Call it "Journals"

- Click "Save and Close".

6.  Now we need to create the item.

7.  In the Gradebook,  under the "Manage Grades" tab, click the bright blue "New" button.

8.  Select "Item".

9.  Choose your Grade Item Type.  Most faculty choose "Numeric".

10.  Place in your information...Name (ex. Journal 1, Journal 2), maximum points, etc.  

11.  Click "Save and Close" when done.







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