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Assessing Assignment Dropbox Submissions if Turnitin is not used

The Evaluate Submission page enables you to evaluate and leave feedback for user submissions. It contains two main sections: the Submissions List panel and the Evaluation panel. Use the Evaluation panel to grade and provide comments on submissions. If you make evaluations directly on the Evaluate Submission page, you can publish feedback immediately or save your feedback as a draft and release it at a later time. This enables you to revise and review evaluations, and publish your feedback to multiple users at the same time. You also have the option to retract published feedback if you want to provide an update to past evaluations but only want learners to access your most recent feedback. You can also annotate users' web and plain text file submissions with the HTML Editor and attach those annotations as part of feedback. If you use rubrics to assess submissions, you can append the overall rubric feedback to the Submission Feedback field. If the rubric uses points, you can also scale and transfer the overall rubric score to the Submission Score field (View "Grading with a Rubric" guide for more details). Both of these fields transfer to Grades if the assignment submission folder is associated with a grade item. If you download user submissions and leave feedback within the files, you can upload them back to the appropriate assignment submission folder so they appear as attachments to each user's submission evaluation. To ensure successful feedback upload and distribution back to students, do not rename the downloaded files' names after you enter feedback and save changes.

Assessing Assignment Dropbox without Turnitin

1.  Click on "Activities" on the Navbar.

2.  Select "Assignment Dropbox".

3.  Click on the action arrow next to the name of the assignment.


4.  Click "View Submissions"

5.  Scroll down to the names of the students.

6.  Click on "Evaluate" next to the student you wish to grade.


7.  You are now at the Evaluate Submission page.

8. You can download student submissions and leave feedback within the files or leave feedback directly on the Evaluate Submission page.  To leave feedback on the Evaluate Submission page see below.

9.  Click the action arrow next to the assignment you wish to grade.

10.  Click "View Document".

11.  Scroll down the panel on the right hand side to enter score, keep scrolling for feedback box.  You can record audio or video feedback.


12.  Click "Publish" when done.


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