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The Institutional Media Technologies provides support for academic spaces. We are located in the lower level of the Jackson Library and are open during regular Library hours. Student workers cover the front desk providing media services support, phone support, and first tier level of technical response.

Full Time Staff

Marty Hutchins, Assistant Director of IMT 

Marty organizes and directs the full-time staff and student work-force, processes purchase and installation requests, and oversees the media technology support that the IMT department provides to the Residential and Non-Residential campuses.

Doug Drown, Media Technology Specialist

Doug oversees the management of media technology assets, media transfer and duplication services, and coordinates with other departments on the personnel and equipment resources needed for events that occur in classrooms, including sound reinforcement and video recording and streaming.

 New Media Technology Specialist

research, recommendation, and delivery of various types of distributed media, including capturing, storing, editing, and delivering video, audio and images beyond the walls of a traditional classroom and into a digital realm...maintenance of the One Button Studio, and training for interactive classroom technology.

Joe Freeman, Academic Technology Support Specialist

Joe is responsible for the installation, maintenance and support of the classroom media technology components and the remote monitoring of Audio/Video control systems in all teaching stations, in all buildings, both Residential and Non-Residential. Joe also directs the process of requests for conference room and sound and video systems in non-classroom spaces, such as conference rooms, lobbies, lounges, and locations requesting digital signage. 

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